Friday, 9 February 2018

Our Carpet

Today we set out to finalise our carpet after several visits and getting so many samples from Western Distributor. We chose the topmost sample, but we want something that is thicker than the sample that we got.

The consultant told us that they have a thicker stock with same colour as below so that finalised our search.


Ordering takes a week and booking for installation requires 2 weeks notice. This was way quicker than the 2 months that they need before as they have already cleared their backlog already.

We will just placed our order once we have the date for final inspection :-)

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Day 179 of 266

Pre-paint and Fixing Inspection Day! It's also our laminate flooring measurement day with Floorworld. 

I'm just so happy to see 2 kangaroos from our bedroom window!

Our Darbecca inspector also  seemed to be happy with the outcome, he said that for a house our size his findings are impressive.

The black spray paint are the defects.

Family Room

The Galley

The Kitchen Wall

The Kitchen Wall

The Dining Area 

 The Living Area Pillar

 The Master Bedroom

The Other Bedrooms


Our Laminate Flooring

We finally made up our mind and chose Quickstep Desert Oak Light Natural for our ground floor flooring. Floorworld consultant was too kind to lend us their sample which we took home and I've been staring at Woodland Oak Beige and Desert Oak Light Natural and it's really a tough choice. I also spilt some water on to the sample to test if the waterproofing is good and I'm happy with it.  

 They sent a consultant to do the actual floor measurements today.  We will pay our deposit once they sent us the final quote so they order the stock for us which takes 3 weeks as they are out of stock here in Victoria and the supply would come from Pert or South Australia. 

Floorworld tried to beat the carpet price of Western Distributor so they can do all our flooring, but they were honest enough to say that they can't match the thickness and price of WD carpet. 

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Day 174 of 266

So, since yesterday, they have also finished our garage roof frame and I can see that we now have main entry door handle. I just noticed that they have put the trim for our porch edge and so happy that they've put them in monument to match our colourbond roof and window frames. I don't remember doing this selection but I had been hoping that it will be in monument and not surfmist :-)  

For a change, the alfresco sliding doors were locked so I'm not able to sneak inside :-)


Friday, 2 February 2018

Day 173 of 266

The roof frame which was started yesterday has been finished! We'll have our alfresco and garage roof soon then.

Someone worked on our kitchen island too and looks like they made the sink hole larger, not sure what happened to the bench though as it looks like it a section of it got cut or lifted. 

There were some men on our site again and looks like they were putting our cornices.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Day 172 of 266

We just came back this morning from our holidays in the US and the minute I turned on my phone at the airport, my SS rang me. Looks like he's been busy while we were away and he was able to finish our plaster, install our stairs and all our doors and the cabinets too! He's advising that we can have our pre-paint and fixing inspection mid next week. 

After putting away our things and picking up our dog from his hotel, we drove to the house and here's the latest photos.
Our Stairs 


 Our Main Door

Our Kitchen and Galley

I love the size of our island bench :-)

The Laundry Cabinet

The Powder Room

The Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom windows are not double glazed yet :-( 

The Other Bedrooms and Bathroom

 We've got another broken window in this bedroom :-(

When we arrived on site, there were people working on our alfresco roofing frame too.

Tomorrow, we are going to finalise and book the laminate flooring. We might do another round of carpet selection again too,